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November 29, 2012

So. Um.

A couple years ago at work the corporate folks came out with this policy that made vague hand-waving motions at social media and as I recall it essentially said that on social media sites we should remember who our employer was and consider that fact with every single post we made and picture we uploaded and if we were going to post something that anyone might find offensive or distasteful or bothersome, then we should really consider whether or not we should post it, and what the employment consequences of that post or photograph might be. It was around then I removed all reference to who my employer was where I thought I could. On the Internet, you need to decide what sort of balance you want to strike between being a public figure and a private citizen, and then and now I opt for the private citizen side of that. So, my Twitter is protected, and my Facebook account is (hopefully) locked down as well. I don’t begrudge anyone whose decision is different, this is just what I’m comfortable with. My one public figure vice remains this mostly dead blog, because for absolutely no good reason I like writing the Netflix posts. So, no discussion of my personal life here, just the next 20 stupid movies to eventually arrive through my Netflix queue.

Point Blank (NF)
No, not the movie with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. That’s Point Break. This is the movie from the ’60s with Lee Marvin playing a crook who gets double-crossed and left for dead on Alcatraz and his quest for revenge. It’s from the Parker series of books by Richard Stark (Donald Westlake), except Westlake never sold the rights to the Parker character, just the books, so the character is always named different. In this movie, it’s Walker, in the Mel Gibson movie Payback it’s Porter. Anyway. I liked the few Parker books I read, that may be why this ended up in the queue?

And, yes, the Parker character in Leverage is named as an homage to this Parker.

Danger UXB: Discs 3 & 4 (NF)
Still watching through this, it’s as high tension as I thought it would be, sort of proto-nerd (they call them "boffins") warfare as the Nazi bombmakers devise more complicated and lethal fuses on the bombs build to kill those trying to disarm them and the measures the British engineers develop to thwart those innovations. And the incidental body count keeps going up…

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (NF)
I put this in the queue way before Robert Downey Jr. had his career resurgence with Iron Man/Sherlock Holmes, or at least I think I did. He plays a raggedy thief who stumbles into a casting event for a movie and… it looks mental. With Val Kilmer playing the gay police detective assigned as his consultant on the movie. Here, take a look.

So… in the time it’s taken me to write this post, I’ve actually gotten this far down my queue and have now seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and can give it a very high recommendation. It was a hoot.

Green Street Hooligans (NF)
Elijah Wood plays an American college student who ends up in England and falls in with his hooligan relative… yeah, I have no idea exactly why this ended up in the queue. Elijah Wood’s talented, but I don’t recognize the writer or director just by name, so… here’s hoping! The reviews of it are pretty positive.

Richard Pryor: Live in Concert (NF)
Because Richard Pryor is hilarious.

CSA: Confederate States of America (NF)
An alternate future mockumentary where the Confederacy won the Civil War and the Union supporters fled to Canada. I’m sure I had a real specific reason to add this to the queue back in 2005 or so. It’s 90 minutes long, and I hope that’s not too much.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (1979) (NF) (3 discs)
The old BBC miniseries version, starring Alec Guinness as the British agent hoisted out of retirement to track down a mole inside the intelligence service. Supposed to be great! And if it is, there’s a sequel (Smiley’s People, I think?).

Match Point (NF)
My sampling of Woody Allen’s oeuvre has been… light, mostly because what he’s done in his later life makes me pretty uncomfortable, and I can’t help thinking about it while watching his movies. I say this mostly to say I have no idea what possessed me to put this in my queue, but if it’s lasted this long, I might as well let it actually make it all the way to the top of the queue. Hooray for random anthropomorphization! Anyway, this is a suspense movie about a tennis pro who ends up entangled with the darker side of high society. Maybe I liked the trailer? Who knows.

Double Indemnity (NF)
I enjoy film noir, and this is one of the classics, and I’ve never seen it! Remade as Body Heat, it’s the story of an insurance agent who plots the "perfect murder" with one of his clients who wants to collect the policy on her husband.

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World (NF)
Albert Brooks (of one of my all-time favorite movies, Defending Your Life) stars as a comedian who’s tapped by the State Department to go to Pakistan and find out "What do they find funny?" Put in the queue possibly because uncomfortable humor can be funny. And I really liked Defending Your Life.

Team America: World Police (NF)
The movie the South Park guys made with puppets. I say that and that probably makes up your mind whether you want to see it or not.

Lucky Number Slevin (NF)
So. Josh Hartnett plays Slevin, who’s visiting New York and mistaken for this guy who Morgan Freeman (The Boss) wants to kill. Bruce Willis plays the killer, SIR Ben Kingsley plays the other crime boss ("Why do they call him The Rabbi?" "Because he’s a rabbi."), Lucy Liu is the neighbor across the hall so Hartnett has someone to have dialogue with… I have no idea if this is accurate or not, but I think of this as being part of the boomlet of crime movies with arch dialogue that came out after Ocean’s 11 did so well. (see also: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang). The trailer makes it look amusing, at least.

Thank You for Smoking (NF)
Aaron Eckhart plays a spokesperson for a tobacco company, and it’s hilarious. Writer/director Jason Reitman would go on to make Juno, Up in the Air and Young Adult (all of which I want to see SO MUCH). Also in the movie: William H. Macy, Mario Bello, Sam Elliot, J.K. Simmons, Rob Lowe, and Robert Duvall. It looks really really… you know what? Just watch the trailer. I think you’ll be on my side.

Night of the Living Dead (1968) (NF)
Not sure what this one’s about, something about vampires maybe?

Dawn of the Dead (1978) (NF)
Okay. The first sequel to Night of the Living Dead, it’s supposed to be a zombie classic. All I have to say is I added this to my queue about six years ago, so it sure wasn’t The Walking Dead’s popularity that nudged me into doing this, but I have no idea what it was.

Cars (NF)
I was possibly unreasonably concerned about this movie when it came out, for some reason it seemed overly toyetic to me (yes, I know the first Pixar movie was TOY STORY, I don’t know why this one made me make the squint-eyed suspicious face and the other didn’t). Anyway, I’ve never seen it, Penny & Alex may have seen it at a friend’s house or something, I don’t know for sure. I may not even end up getting this via Netflix because I think a fair number of friends have it and I may just borrow it from them instead one weekend rather than use up the rental slot.

A Scanner Darkly (NF)
I’ll admit it, a big reason I want to see this movie is I want to SEE it. The director, Richard Linklater (Some Other Stuff) did this rotoscoping CGI style that just looks really neat. I have no idea if it’ll be any good or not. I do know that I just want to see it, to see if it’s any good. Oh, yeah, Phillip K. Dick adaptation, nature of reality, blah blah blah, have another trailer.

That’s it. There are 281 items in the queue and the last 5 are All That Jazz, The Pirates! Band of Misfits, Black Dynamite, Prometheus, and The Town. Thanks for coming, and I’ll see you at the movies.

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