Everything you needed to know about Potty Training…

(but didn’t really want to know in the first place…)

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Ees Stuck

Conversation with a three year old can be a little difficult to follow, sometimes.
Jess: ::depositing an empty glass on my desk:: Ees empty!
Me: I see that. ::put the cup aside::
Jess: Where dideet go?
Me: You drank it, silly.
Jess: I no see eet!
Me: Um, no, you wouldn’t. It’s in your tummy.
Jess: Cho’kit mi’k? In Jessie’s tummy?
Me: Exactly.
Jess: ::jumps up and down:: Ees stuck!
Me: That’s good.

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Casino Royale

So, Kevin’s a big Bond fan, you know.

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One of my first memories from childhood was settling into the apartment my parents got when we moved to Virginia. (Before that, we’d lived in Connecticut, but I don’t remember anything about that, except for a vague sense of what the living room was shaped like.) The Rebel Manor Apartments (god, what a name…) When we’d lived up north, we weren’t that far away from my aunt and uncle, so when my mom needed a babysitter, she just called my Aunt Sue. Now that we were hundreds of miles away from family, my mom had to try out a few teenage daughters of people my dad knew from work.
We cycled through a few of them before my mom found the woman who eventually ended up being my babysitter until I was about 15 (not that I needed a baby-sitter for the afternoon by that point, but occasionally my parents went away for the weekend.)
There was Vickie, who was very tall, with thick black hair, and once the woman downstairs looked after me for a while (she was also the first person to give me a cup of coffee, which was more warm milk and sugar with a dash of coffee flavoring in it, but it was a start, and I wasn’t even four years old yet and I still remember wanting to ‘wheedle some coffee out of Mizzus Evelyn’). Then there was Jeannie.
I remember was being put into my crib for naptime. My ‘bedroom’ was the same room as the guest room. I could see the spare bed from my crib, with it’s white numbly comforter. You know, my dad still owns that bed, and it’s still got the same white numbly comforter on it. My mother always had pretty much the same rule about naps and bedtime that I do with Jess; I don’t care if you sleep, just go to your room, get in bed, and stay there.

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One Cloud

If you’re one of the seven people in the world who hasn’t read Richard Adam’s Watership Down, you probably should stop reading my blog and go check it out of your local library.
Unfortunately, I can’t lend it to you, as I can’t find my copy, which is too bad, since I wanted to start this entry out with a quote from the book that goes something like this:
Humans have a saying, “It never rains but it pours.” This is not true, as it frequently rains without pouring, although… something something something….
Rabbits, on the other hand, say “One cloud feels lonely.”
It’s a nice quote, and it sort of sums up the last few days nicely.

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Chips vs. Crisps; or Look! A flying pig!

“When pigs fly….
People once believed the world was flat. That is, until someone set course to prove otherwise. When a small group of passionate women at Frito-Lay challenged beliefs that “tasty snacks are bad for you” and “nutritious snacks are boring,” they decided to create the Flat Earth brand… a constant reminder that beliefs can change.”
— Advertisement, back of my bag of Wild Berry Patch snack crisps
“Snacking Smart…
We all love snacking, but it’s important to make smart choices when deciding what and how much to eat. That’s why we’ve developed a product line that provides you with Snacking Smart options to fit your healthy lifestyle. This product in particular is better for you because it has No Trans Fat, No Cholesterol, and is a good source of Vitamin C.”
— Advertisement, back of my bag of Utz Natural Kettle Cooked Chips

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Yeah, Kinda Like That


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Socks Galore

Jess has, at last count (just a few minutes ago while I was folding her laundry) fifty-eight socks.
The mathematically-minded of you will tap your fingers a minute and say “Oh, she’s got twenty-nine pairs of socks.”
The more parental of you will say, “Oh, dear.”

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Isn’t it Ironic (Don’t ya think?)

Despite the fact that it’s usually insipid and rather boring, Kevin and I make a habit of attending Work Functions. Part of this is because a Work Function is an attempt to raise employee morale, and we think those sorts of things should be encouraged… Secondly, it’s free food and drinks. Third, there’s face-time with the big-timers in the company, which can become important in later promotions, projects, etc. Fourth, there are Prizes… usually a raffle of some sort of gift cards and whatnot… and hey, who doesn’t need a bit of extra something around the holidays?

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We All Fall Down II

18 months ago, my 9 year old nephew attempted to hang himself and was hospitalized for a few weeks. They started him on many, many drugs and therapy.
2 days ago, my 10-year old nephew attempted to kill himself again and is back in the hospital.

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