Oh, My Aching Ass…

So, we went over to Sara’s the other night for a ‘cookie baking’ party, which was more a ‘me baking and everyone else watching TV’ sort of thing…
and now my butt hurts. How fucked up is that?
I mean, I understand why… Sara doesn’t really have what you’d call ‘counter space’ so she set up the cookie area on a low coffee-table thing, and had little stools around it.
Well, because of my ankle and my knee problems (and let’s face it, I’m FAT) I had to sort of center myself over the stool and then drop onto it in order to sit. And most of the people at the party were not even remotely interested in helping, they were interested in watching Shrek III, so it was just me, and a bit of Sara, so I’m popping up and down every 7 minutes as cookies go into and out of the oven.
I have big HUGE black and blue marks over the lower part of my backside. About the width of my hand.
Fucking. Ow.

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