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1 – Took Jess to the doctor. A few weeks ago, she got these glowie necklaces and she and her cousin Mike spent an afternoon playing with them. When we got home, she’d managed to break one of them open and get this glowie liquid in her eye. Jess was quite distressed, and apparently the stuff was quite painful. I flushed her eye out and she eventually went to bed.
I honestly don’t know if the two things are related, but about a week later, I noticed she had a little bit of a rise under her eye. I didn’t think much of it; one of the major disadvantages of having Stafford eyes (aside from the fact that we look a little bit like goldfish) is a tendency to get things in the eye. I’ve had styes on and off most of my life. But usually they go away in a week to two weeks, and here is it almost a month later, and she’s still complaining that her eye hurts…
So, we go to the doctor who tell me she’s got a Chalazion (which, sounds to me like a sort of fancy pizza or a pasta dish… or a small yellow flower…) Anyway, we have to put antibiotic ointment IN her eye twice a day, use compresses, and if it’s not better in a week, take her to a pediatric eye doctor for the possibility of surgical removal. Yeah, Jess is gonna love that. She’s already panicky about her eye since the LAST time she had to have medical treatment.
2 – The city changed our voting location. Like the library was so damn far away… and they weren’t really clear about notifying us. Our voter registration card didn’t have an address where the poll location was supposed to be… so we went to the library like normal and got redirected to Fairways instead. Fortunately, I knew where that was, as the surly lady at the library’s directions were revolting. (This is not a reflection on the library or the librarians, who have always been nice and helpful, this was a volunteer polls worker and was obviously peeved about all the people who’d come to the library by mistake. She was very sigh-y and huffy about explaining what had happened in the ‘I’ve done this 400,000 times today’ sort of way.)
Fairways is a church. And while I am given to understand that churches often use their rooms for other non-church sorts of purposes, I don’t feel that it’s a very neutral voting location. Certainly, in all the years that I’ve been voting, I’ve never before voted in a non-government building. Usually it’s the school or the library. There was a big old cross on the wall too. And the whole place smelled of incense, which I thought was rather pretty and made Kevin hack and wheeze. And we didn’t get a little “I voted” sticker. I don’t know why this bothers me, but it does.
Kevin suggests that it might have been the church rather than the elementary school next door because we have a registered sex offender in our neighborhood. (We do, you know. There was a big thing about it a few years ago and the newspaper came around and asked questions and stuff… ) Anyway, he’s not allowed to set foot on school property, and so they might have put the polls at the church to accommodate that particular law. I’m not sure how likely that is. It’s not like anyone pays attention to their rights.
3 – After we voted, we ran over to the nearby drugstore to get a 12-pack of soda (I drink entirely too much soda; despite several attempts to cut back, I never can seem to manage it for very long). Kevin and Jess stayed in the car and I ran inside. The area in front of the cashier’s counter was a little cluttered with display items that had just come in for Xmas and weren’t quite set up yet, so you had to do this awkward sort of shuffle to get up there, and as I got to the line, I noticed it was made worse by this… erm. Woman.
Now, I live in a Navy town, and I’ve lived in the area of military bases for quite a while. This would not be the first time I’ve seen a whore, but this was certainly the first time I’d been that close to one.
Her hair was piled on top of her head and held there by what might have been a whole can of hairspray. Her makeup was caked on so thick that it creased around her mouth when she talked – and she was talking the WHOLE time, holding one of those tabloid magazines in one hand and gesturing emphatically with the other. Her lipstick was unevenly applied to her mouth and she had a large bruise on the right side of her throat that was ill-concealed by makeup. She smelled… odd. Like clams and beer and sweat and some sort of cheap perfume.
She wore a skirt that didn’t quite conceal the bottom of her underwear, and purple tights with a few runs in them, and the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen. Plastic and leopard spots. Her shirt did this sort of scoop thing where her breasts were pushed together and out and the whole outfit was topped off with this black gauzy shawl that was falling off her shoulders.
She was complaining about some doctor’s divorce and closely questioning everyone who came into the line, leaning over them and gesticulating. When I got up in line, she ran one hand from my neck to my elbow, which made me flinch away from her so badly that I knocked over three of the Xmas displays. I got my soda and got out of there. When I got back to the car, I noticed that the beer and clams smell of her was clinging to my dress.
4 – Guild drama. The less said about this, the better. Like all guild drama, it is stupid, it is petty, and it is boring to anyone who’s not involved.
A week ago, we lost one of our better healers because he got a guild website email telling him he was stupid and useless for a post he made there about mana conservation during the curator fight. Which had been sent to him by an officer, although he wouldn’t tell the guild leader WHICH officer had sent it. The Guild Leader spent twenty minutes yelling at three of the officers that he suspected of doing it, while a fourth officer sat around and made snide remarks. Turns out, the fourth officer was the one who HAD done it, and he just SAT there and let them take blame and shit for it.
Yesterday, the guild leader quit the guild, after attempting to yell at Kevin and I for bringing a few of the officers over to a raid hosted by my friends at Fifth SOF (another guild). The raid leader there told me I could invite anyone that I personally vouched for. Knowing that their conduct and gear would be noted, I did not extend an invitation to either the guild leader OR the officer who’d written the nasty email. Go figure. I wanted to make a good impression on my friends from SOF so that we might be invited back. Keeping in mind these are raids that Wild Bunch is currently not going to have a prayer of getting to, so it’s not like we were in lockout from raiding with Wild Bunch, and it was on one of our non-raid nights, so we weren’t abandoning a guild raid to do it. It did not occur to me that I needed to INFORM our guild leader that we were doing it – especially since I didn’t want to tell him to his face that there’s no way I would have invited him. Apparently he felt differently…
Ah well…
He’s quit, and the note-writing idiot is likely to follow him. The question now comes up: do we want to stay with Wild Bunch and try to fix things, or do we want to just let the guild disband?
Ug… what a day.

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