<Insert Standard Rant About Daylight Savings Time>
</end rant>

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2 Responses to Yawn!

  1. Gris says:

    What’s to rant about? You get an extra hour of sleep!
    …unless you have… a small child who doesn’t understand about the whole “fall back” concept.

  2. Liz says:

    I am convinced that small children DO understand about Daylight Savings, and actively work to use our assumption of their lack of understanding to their advantage.
    Case in point: Every. Single. Day. Last week, Penny slept in until 7am — and she only got up at 7 because Matt and I were waking her up so we could stuff her into clothes and head out for work sometime before lunch.
    She did it Saturday, too — slept right in until 7:00. We dared to think, “Hey, well, when we change the clocks for Daylight Savings, it won’t be so bad, because she’ll just be back to getting up at 6!”
    Sunday morning, she appeared in our room at…
    *drum roll, please…*
    5:00 sharp.

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