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And Never Feed Them After Midnight

Um… does anyone know how to get rid of gremlins?

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Some Assembly Required.

My life. No instructions. Not even those stupid little picture ones that never make any sense and by the time you’ve finished assembling the thing you realize you had it upside down and backwards the entire time… No guarantees. Not … Continue reading

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Upstairs from us, a young single mother lives in a one-bedroom apartment with her three-year-old son. She’s been dating a bit recently. Well, ok, she’s been dating a lot. (And yes, I know, I’m turning into the nosy neighbor. Can’t … Continue reading

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oh.. um… OH!

The last few weeks, I’ve heard this song on the TV for a verizon commercial about their new cool music phones (of course, Kevin wants one. He always wants the latest tech-toys). I like the song, although I’m not the … Continue reading

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Here We Go Round…

Backtrack: When I was a junior in college, I had a terrible, terrible job at a local subshop. Not subway, but one of the knock-off individually owned crappy sub shops that you sometimes see sprouting up like weeds in strip … Continue reading

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Can’t think of a Word Bad Enough

Right. Can. Not. Go. On. Vacation. GYAH!

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