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I’m getting mildly annoyed by my word count, here. I mean, yes, I know, my word goal is 3,000 words a week (6 pages) and I’m making that without too much trouble. It’s just, before the holiday season (why in … Continue reading

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Girls, Boys and Cowboys

So, Liz and I went to see Brokeback Mountain on Friday… Here’s your Possible Spoiler Alert. Click at your own risk.

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All Things Great and Small

Well, this was my first week with the new writing goal… So, of course it had to be the same week Kevin transitioned to night shift, that there was a scrapping event and a Mismas party, and that Jess got … Continue reading

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Share and Share Alike:Osmosis

Last night, Kevin and I are laying around in bed, just sort of chatting… I was telling him some various things I’d heard about sibs that sort of… I couldn’t decide if they bothered me or not.

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New Goals

This past week went fairly well, despite all the disruptions in my life… like, the dentist. And the doctor’s office on Thursday and spending Thursday evening with Liz and Elizabeth (not a problem, just time I didn’t have to write.) … Continue reading

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Talking ’bout a resolution

I’d suggest walking away from this entry, if you’re not pleased with things like dentistry or long, vaguely gross details. Just, you know, so you know.

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The Miracle

The beginning of the week went well, the middle of the week was a wash, and I pulled a miracle out of my ass last night and managed to make goal. If I had a word goal this week. WHICH … Continue reading

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Hippo Gnu Deer

Well, writing went better this week than I had any right to expect. Dec 27 – 623 words Dec 29 – 1,241 words (finished Cha 21) Dec 31 – 381 words (begin Cha 22) Jan 1 – 1,154 total: 3,399 … Continue reading

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