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Christ Mess

Well, I didn’t get much done last week… 1,366 on Dec 20th. But as I hadn’t expected to get any writing done at all, I guess 1,366 is better than 0.

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Gotta Get Out of this Place

I don’t really mean this apartment, although that would be nice. The place I need to be out of is this sort of greyness around my heart and head that’s just dragging everything down into this meaningless muddle of fog. … Continue reading

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Well… Never done that before. I made goal this week exactly. 2,700 words.

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A Christmas Conversation

“I swear to god, if you give that child another one of those cookies, I’m going to break your fingers.” “Oh.” Eats one. “That goes for you, too. Dad.”

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How Stupid Am I? (Let me Count the Ways)

Sometimes having a high IQ is NOT all it’s cracked up to be… Certainly there are less practical applications for intelligence than you might suppose.

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Psychologocially Incapable

I didn’t have a word goal… Really. I didn’t. Kevin was home all week, except for a three hour stint on Sunday, a three hour stint on Thursday, and yesterday all day. This should, theoretically, have absolved me from having … Continue reading

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Twenty Random Things

I’m not really sure I have anything to talk about, but I’m just going to ramble here for a while…

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Too Much of a Good Thing

I know, I shouldn’t complain… Kevin’s on vacation. Again. So, this week I’m taking the week off. If I get writing done, great. If not, it’s only to be expected. Then he works for 2 weeks and then he’s off … Continue reading

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