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Nice Paper Cut au Lemon Juz

Today, just before lunch, one of the DBAs comes up to Kevin as he and Scott are headed down to the cafeteria. “Hey! Kevin, I haven’t seen you recently. Congrats on the TPM position.” Kevin blinks. “Um. I didn’t *get* … Continue reading

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So Sad!

Jess and I are watching Mulan together… We get to the part where the village has been destroyed and Jess turns to me. “No puppies? No dollie? No? No… no… all gone… No kitties. All gone.” She sounded very, very … Continue reading

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“That’s Nice”

For those of you not in the know, “That’s nice” is part of the punchline to a joke that Karen told me a long, long time ago… first time I ever heard Karen swear, too… The joke (which really goes … Continue reading

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Spew (not S.P.E.W.)

All righty… This week was great, right up until Kevin got fuct by his company (again) without even a dinner and a kiss. Nov 14 – 1,244 words Nov 15 – 3,107 words (highest word count in one day, since … Continue reading

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The Strange World

Kevin didn’t get the promotion. Again. Somehow, I don’t know… it just… I don’t understand it, and I don’t like it. Not to mention I’m not happy about having to live with Kevin and his mood.

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Watch that Step…

Well, I’m happy with my productivity this week, even if my characters are not. I finished off Chapter 16, and started and finished Chapter Seventeen this week. I also co-wrote an incredibly long email with a friend, made an absolutely … Continue reading

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Slow Start

Back from my vacation… And this is why I hate taking a vacation. Despite having a good time with all my friends, (and man, did we!) it takes me forever to get back into the writing groove. It was a … Continue reading

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