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Like Mother, Like Daughter

Conversation: Jess: ::tugging on my sleeve:: Nack? KT: Oh, sure honey. There’s some of this morning’s cereal left if you want it. Or you can have a cookie. You want a cookie? Jess: ::stops dead and looks at me:: duH!

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Next Time

Someone remind me to just SHUT UP when I’m feeling all smug and happy about myself, ok? OK.

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Sometimes, no matter how hard I try to do things wrong, I end up doing them right anyway….

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About Half

I think – think mind you – that I’m about halfway done with this novel. Ish. Although just about anyone will tell you that I’ve got a bad case of writer’s inflation, so sometimes I just keep going long after … Continue reading

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Didn’t I just have a vacation? A couple of baby-free days? Sigh.

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Two Weeks

I know, I know, I’ve been MIA and all that… Gods, what a lousy couple of weeks.

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Like Father, Like Daughter

Kevin is talking about the upcoming Dendrite anual re-org (no, it’s not official, they just do it every year anyway…) and we are watching Jess spin around in circles until she gets dizzy and falls down. “I vaguely remember when … Continue reading

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