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In a Word

Last week was both good and bad… My word count was good: Aug 22 – 1,400 words Aug 26 – 1,230 words Aug 28 – 1,423 words total for the week – 4,053

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Two Weeks

Otherwise Known As: Why I loathe AOL I actually wrote a longish entry last week, both about my word count and about a particular friend of mine who’s on my AOL blocked list now for his consistant lack of good … Continue reading

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Will the Real Name Please Step Forward

I have, from time to time, considered legally changing my name. It doesn’t cost all that much, really. I usually talk myself out of it because it is sort of a frivolous expense. And it wouldn’t do me any good … Continue reading

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In a Word: Whoah

Weekly Writing Stuff: August 2nd – 1,519 words, end of Chapter 8 August 2nd – 837 words, start Chapter 9 August 3rd – 2,438 words August 4th – 1,614 words August 5th – 647 words August 7th – 1,372 words, … Continue reading

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I Need a Smoke

Yesterday was both a good writing day and a bad writing day. Especially since I woke up in totally the wrong mood and spent almost the entire morning and early afternoon discussing Hall-shit with Liz about a character who – … Continue reading

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Your Regularly Scheduled Program

July 25th – 850 words July 27th – 1,070 words July 31st – 1,099 words Total week: 3,019

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