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Lotta Cliffs Around Here

This week’s writing thing: Monday: 923 words Friday: 299 words Sunday: 1,356 words total: 2,578

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Mom is Icky

I’m tired. I got up early yesterday because of a 5am sneezing attack (whatever trees are reproducing at 5am really should knock it off) and spent all day running around like crazy to get almost nothing actually accomplished. I went … Continue reading

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Word Count Thingie

Well, full time mom this week – not that I’m not full time all the time anyway, but sans husband around, Jess started out whiney and got worse as the week progressed – so I didn’t get as much done … Continue reading

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Can’t Cook

I hate waking up annoyed because of something that happened in a dream. But, it isn’t the first time (ask Matt some time about the “Tracey Dream.” On second thought, don’t.) and it probably won’t be the last.

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Ok, On Three, Everybody Panic

Close-ish to the end of a rather intense Hall session (my character currently having gutted a bad guy in a rather neat Jackie-Chan sort of fight) Karen’s power went out. Poof. She calls me to report. No power.

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The Weekly Word Thing

This week’s word tally, and I use the word “week” with extreme caution, was: 2,234 words

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Just Once

At 6:45am – after staying up til 1am or so to kill dragons Blackrock Spire – the phone rings. “Hello, Darling Daughter.” Bright, cheerful. Perky. “Mmmm.” This is as bright and cheerful as I get at just-past-dawn o’clock. “Did I … Continue reading

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Some Help, Here?

Hello out there, my wonderful bloggie readers…

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Weekly Word Count

This week, started Chapter Three and did 2,417 words. Less than last week, better than the week before. But Kevin was off for an extra day this week for Memorial Day and I have a really hard time writing with … Continue reading

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