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Chapter Two

This week, I’ve done just under 3,000 words. Not a bad week, really. Chapter Two is completed.

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Ford Forget it.


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Under Pressure

I don’t react well to water leaks.

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Come Hell or High Water

I got up this morning. This. was a mistake.

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Oh. Ick.

I just met my new next door neighbor. Oh, gross…. *sigh*

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Bits and Pieces

Writing for this week: 855 words. Wow. I suck.

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Random Acts of Unkindness

Cooperative Blogging time, children… I know most of my friends don’t usually comment “in blog” on my blog… I usually get the “oh, I’m sorry”‘s and the “Ha! that was funny”s in Aims or Irc… But help me out a … Continue reading

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I Hear You Knocking

To whomever was sending me aims this afternoon around 2:30-3pm or so… sorry, my phone was eating them. I got exactly no aims. Have no idea who you are or what you wanted. Unless, of course, you wanted money, in … Continue reading

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Hi, my name is Headache and I have a small kt behind my left eyeball.

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Karen is planning her very first Hall plot… Read more to see a snippet of our recent conversation:

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