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Baby F.A.Q.

For those who want an update, here are the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about the baby:

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Who Do I hate Tonight?

(Subtitle: Monster of the week) One of the best roleplaying books I’ve ever read was the Storyteller’s Guide to Vampire. Not so much because of game information, but because – unlike many other books – this one provided tips on … Continue reading

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Random Biotch

My life feels White Wolfy, and if I may steal a line from JD, it’s reading something like What: The Fuck. (White Wolf really capitalized on the 90’s angst is cool – everything they wrote was “existence sucks.” Vampires have … Continue reading

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Madzor Libzor

First, go read/do Liz’s journal entry for today. That way this might make some sense…

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