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Worthy Successor

She weren’t much to look at, she weren’t much to ride She was missing a window on her passenger side The floorboard was patch up with paper and tar But I really was something in my old yellow car An … Continue reading

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That’s an estimate of how many seconds I’ve been married. The more mathmatically inclined will work that out to be seven years (with two leap years included.)

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Classified as Broke

My step-mom gave me a subscription to Parents magazine last year for Christmas, and most of the time it’s a fairly light, enjoyable read. They do have the inevitable “moving” story – the woman who’s four-month old died from SIDS … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day (or I could publish my laundry list)

Yeah. Groovy. (references to bodily fluids of many sorts to follow. Skip, if you can’t handle it.) [UPDATED on Thursday]

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Once Again, The Day is Saved!

(Actually, as of this writing, I’m not entirely positive that the Day is Saved… but it’s pretty likely… check back for updates.)

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Gender Bender

Conversation overheard between a four-year old girl and a seven-year old boy. Girl: You have an earring! Boy: Yeah. Girl: Boys can’t wear earrings! Boy: Obviously they can!

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Really! We Recommend it!

Matt recently posted an interesting site in his blog. Intrigued, I went and filled out the survey thingie. The recommender gave me the following recommendations: Clerks, which I have seen and enjoyed a lot. And Almost Famous which I have … Continue reading

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