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Under Recursive: See Recursive

You can just skip this if dreams bore you.

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If It Weren’t For Bad Luck…

(I’d have no luck at all… Gloom, despair and agony, oh me!”)

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I don’t know what’s more pathetic… That someone paid my character 2 gold pieces to take off all her armor (which strips a female character down to a very skimpy bikini) and dance. Or that I actually did it.

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Five Words (and an explanation)

Catastrophic. Hard. Drive. Failure. FUCK

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What, Again?

I guess I’m just the social animal or something. Within a week of starting to play Worlds of Warcraft, I was in a guild. Clan Banzai (Horde)/Noble House of Bonsai (Alliance). (Yeah, yeah, I know “that’s such a gay name” … Continue reading

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Peel Back

There are some things about having an online diary that are good, and some things that are not so good. And some things that are downright awful. I keep trying to be elequent here, and it’s not working, so I’ll … Continue reading

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All Right, Thank You, Knock it Off.

My child has too many books.

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