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There are SNOWBANKS, You Know!

Well. I hope you had a Merry Mid-winter Spending Holiday.

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Going Back to Work

We went out to dinner last night with the Brookses and each baby got a balloon (after some rather impressive squabbling). Jess’s was “red”. Or maybe “pink.” “It’s maroon,” I said.

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Like Mother, Like Daughter

Two small excepts from my day as proof that, unfortunately, my mother and I are related.

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Y’all can just skip this, if you’re afeard of too much TMI. (Too much Too Much Information. In the dictionary, under recursive: see recursive). Anyhoo….

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Conversation at the Hicks’ Household

Jess: ::pointing to Kevin:: Bah-bee! Kevin: ::shakes his head:: No, I’m the Daddy. You’re the baby. Jess: ::emphatically:: No! Kevin: What? I’m not the Daddy? Jess: NO! Kevin: What do you know about this that I don’t? Jess: Bah-bee! Kevin: … Continue reading

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The “Santa” Clause

[Background Music: The Night Santa Went Crazy, Weird Al Yankovich] Kevin and I are having a slight disagreement. Nothing unusual in and of itself – we’ve been arguing for years about whether or not the toilet paper should hang down … Continue reading

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Just a Small Question

Ok, first off, I think this is sort of amusing… But the question I have isn’t so much “Do we really want to think of a soccor player as the step-dad of Jesus” (or even “UM, who the FUCK says … Continue reading

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Eau De Insecte

So many things have gone wrong recently, it’s difficult to make an accurate summary of them. I’ve had a couple of really good days in there, though, so I haven’t totally lost my mind. Although it’s come close on a … Continue reading

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