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Words Worth

Jess has been saying “mama” on and off for a couple of weeks now. About 70% of the time, she means me. The rest of the time she means the television or her stuffed animal or the door or… well … Continue reading

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Ring Ring!

Sorry I’m not home right now I’m walking into spiderwebs So leave a message And I’ll call you back A likely story, but leave a message And I’ll call you back — No Doubt, Spiderwebs

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The Task Hydra

Subtitle: Its osteology, taxonomy and probable habits Sub-subtitle: And other giant hairy monsters that haunt the lives of everyday suburbanites.

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So Far, No One’s Dead

Actually, it’s not been so bad, having Fred and Pam here…

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We’re Sorry about your Penis

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Having Trouble with the Language

Picture postcard honesty In the land of hopeless dreams That man in my sitting room Only lives behind the screen Oh, i’m having trouble with the language Having trouble getting through Haven’t learned my lessons well So i don’t know … Continue reading

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The Iniquities of Neopets

Kevin: Oh. oh, DEAR. KT: What? Kevin: SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED! Grundo Master must steal neopets for the Master. KT: Oh, that’s nothing, don’t worry about it. Kevin: ::hastily checks his pets and his inventory:: Nothing’s wrong. KT: I know. It … Continue reading

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Hate… Spam?

I get all sorts of spam (doesn’t everyone?). Offering to change my dick size, to improve my sex-life, to remortgage my house (if only I had a house to remortgage!), to sell me ink cartridges at discount price, to order … Continue reading

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Domestic Demigoddess

My friend JD just used this phrase to describe me – coincidentally while I was at the Target, shopping for Kitchen Stuff…

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The Things my Child is Learning

Sometimes it seems like a few weeks at a time pass before Jess learns something new and then suddenly she’ll learn a whole bunch of new things all at once and I’ll be sad that I didn’t get time to … Continue reading

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