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Late. And Late. And More Late.

Friday morning. Seven-thirty in the morning… Chirp. Chirp. bah da da da DA… I’m lovin’ WHAM! “Ma! mamamamamamama! MA! MAMAMAMA!” Accompanying whamming on the side of the crib with jingle-bee toy. Ug, alright already. I’m awake.

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Well, There Goes My Apetite. Thanks.

So… having had a bad mood that’s making the rounds of the house (Kevin had it last week, Jess has had it on and off for the last few days, and I finally completely lost it today – and indulged … Continue reading

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You Can’t Go There

Maybe it’s Matt’s fault. (Well, you know, aside from the general clause 47 that says that everything is Matt’s fault.) This weekend, he made me a CD with a bunch of MP3s on it. I had asked him for the … Continue reading

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Don’t Assume, Lady

As it’s election year and the right-wingers are being more right-wingy than usual, I need to remember what I’m wearing when I go out in public.

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Weekend Quilt

I don’t actually own a quilt anymore. Not in the traditional sense. We have a comforter on the bed and a few afghans. One is on the sofa – my mother-in-law made it for Kevin years ago – and my … Continue reading

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Thank God for Karen

My friend Karen ia Jess’s god-mother. This might be a somewhat lopsided honor from a household that doesn’t believe in God.

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Take me Back to New Orleans

Theme Music: Cowboy Mouth – Louisianna Lowdown Was it a blinding lack of subtlety Or just a lack of style Responding to the ways And means of fear? Take me back to New Orleans And don’t call me anymore Because … Continue reading

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Books. Covers. Bad Judgment.

You know, I’ve been staring at this nice white space for a long time trying to write this entry. I can write loads of entries about how guilty I feel or what a slack person I am or … well, … Continue reading

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I Got a Bad Habit

So. Recently I’ve been complaining about the rising costs of groceries…

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Note to Self: Buy a Coffin

Subtitle: Did you hear someone laughing? Theme Music: One Night in Bangkok Siam’s gonna be the witness To the ultimate test of cerebral fitness This grips me more than would a muddy old river or reclining Buddha Thank God I’m … Continue reading

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