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Squirrel Standard Time

So……. We were supposed to arrive at Los Brookses (which I always always want to add extra sylables to… Brookseses) at 3pm. ….

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Blissful (or at least QUIET) Ignorance

Listening to Kevin and Karen patiently explain to the other that the other person was just wrong about computers and networks and practical applications thereof until I had to go to bed and shut the door in disgust (well, and … Continue reading

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A First and Not a First

So, I killed someone’s character last night. So. My apartment building was evacuated because of a fire last night. Guess which one of these things I haven’t done before….

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The Triumph of Persistance

Subtitle: [Subtitle removed because poster is too lazy to go back and finish telling the story] Epic Quest. EverQuest. Yeah….

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Can I get a Clue with that Side of Fries?

Meanwhile, back in Seattle… Our “heroes” (note the use of dubious quotation marks) are trying to combat Humanis Policlub. In the shadowrun universe, some people have become elves and dwarves and orcs and trolls through a process called “Unexplained Genetic … Continue reading

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My Grain (or Quibbles and Bits)

And God said “let there be fucking annoyances enough so that it seems like misery.” It’ll do until the next best thing comes along.

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I love my husband

Sometimes I need to be reminded, though. My parents…. God, that’s such a loaded statement and I haven’t even finished it yet.

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To Refer to Oneself

I keep debating about posting this at all… Kind of a meandery meaningless ramble through my somewhat incoherent thoughts about blogging.

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Next Step

Jessica has always been a good eater… She took to solids (smushies) pretty much right away and there are only a few foods she really doesn’t like. For instance, she doesn’t like any of the “meat with meat gravy” foods … Continue reading

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Makin’ it all Worthwhile

My daughter. Almost eight months old. She’s wearing my current “favorite outfit” – changes every three months because she outgrows her clothing every three months – a white onesie with crocheted sleeves and collar and a purple jumper with a … Continue reading

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