Squirrel Standard Time

We were supposed to arrive at Los Brookses (which I always always want to add extra sylables to… Brookseses) at 3pm.

We were late. Late late late late. 4:30 sort of late, even.
I’d like to say it wasn’t my fault. Entirely.
I got up in good time. Jess had gone to bed Fairly Late on Friday (around 10pm or so and she was Quite Ready to go to bed by the time we got home. She was not at all happy about having to get her clothes changed and her goo put on. If her excema hadn’t gotten so bad recently in a couple of spots, I’d have probably just let her go to bed in her day-clothes. But if I have to undress her to lather her with ointment anyway then she can put up with getting popped in the sleeper. Despite being Very Tired, she woke again around 5am to want a bottle, which is understandable, as her feeding schedules has been off for a few days because of company arrival and doing Stuff and I think she skipped a meal somewhere on Friday. Kevin was still awake (he apparently did not go to sleep right away after his long discussion with Karen) and gave her a bottle.
So, in any case, I got up yesterday morning around 8:30 and did my daily stuff online (check email, do neopets, read comics) then made lemon-meatballs and broccoli slaw for Liz’s “do”. I was a little concerned about it being a deck-warming party, since it was pretty much raining down here, but figured we would be okay, even if we had to be in the house.
I tried to call Karen around 10:30 or so, since she’d said she’d be over here around 11am to help me with some errands and whatnot.
::ring. ring. ring. ring. ring. ring. ring. ring. ring. ring. ri..:: ::grouchy female voice, Indian accent:: :Days Inn, front desk, what?”
“Could you ring Karen Ostertag’s room please?”
“Room number?”
“I don’t know. Karen Ostertag.”
“No one here by that name.”
“Karen. Ostertag. O-S-T-E-R -”
“No one here by that name. Bye.” ::click::
(I happened to know she was there. I called the number back from where she called me on Friday.)
OK, I think. I’ll just have to do the errands on my own.
“Hi, KT, it’s Greg.”
“Yeah, well, T’s finished moving, so I can go to Liz and Matt’s thing after all.”
“OK. You should call them and let them know you’ll be coming.”
“OK. Are you in Chesapeake still, or can I get a ride?”
“I’ll send Kevin over to get you.”
“Ok, thanks.”
As far as I know, he never did call the Brookses, but since I expected that, I told Matt online.
However, that meant I didn’t have a car either and so I couldn’t run my errands until Kevin got back.
I woke Kevin and he took a shower. While he was in the shower, Karen called (this is now around noonish) and said she was going to shower and get dressed and come over.
Kevin went to get Greg. Karen showed up. Eventually Kevin got back and I could go run my errands – Karen not having a car seat installed and Child Welfare looks askance at anyone who leaves an 8-month old baby at home alone (even if she was napping) to run to the grocery store. (I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I never seriously considered it.)
I had to stop by the library and drop some books off – which would have taken about 30 seconds, but I had Karen with me, who took about 4 pages of notes before I could get her back out; run to the grocery store and get 2 things; and take Karen over to the Coldstone Creamery to get an ice-cream cake.
We left my house around 1:30pm or so. But I forgot about how impossible it is to do anything around here without a major ordeal, so even forgiving Karen her small library oogling, we didn’t get back to my place to go until 3:27pm.
Fortunately, I’d done everything else I could do before I ran out to do errands, and we could just throw stuff in the car and go, but still….
we ended up getting to Liz and Matt’s around 4:30 and mostly everyone else had already finished eating (well, except for Braz)…
I had a cold cheeseburger and some cold maccaroni and cheese and let everyone fuss over the babies and toddler (Emma is SOOO cute). And then Jess was like Queen of Crank and didn’t want to take a nap in a strange place and…

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3 Responses to Squirrel Standard Time

  1. Liz says:

    If it makes you feel any better, Jess’s crankiness didn’t really affect anyone except you and Kevin. Jess is so quiet, even screaming her head off, compared to Penny and Emma, that I know it was hard for those less familiar with her to believe she wasn’t just being chatty.
    And really, we’d have warmed up the food for you if you’d said something… In the microwave, if nothing else. We tried to save some vegetables, but Emma kept going back for more, and you just don’t tell a toddler that she can’t have vegetables.
    And your broccoli slaw and meatballs were very very yummy, and we were glad to see you, even late. So there. 😉 If Penny hadn’t been about to go into her Queen of Crank routine, I wouldn’t have shooed everyone out of the house.
    (And I got mail from Jennie B. this morning abjectly apologizing for having completely forgotten the whole thing.)
    Naturally, today’s weather is absolutely positively perfect for a cookout.

  2. Greg says:

    In my defense on the calling thing I was away from home and didn’t have a Brooksian phone number. Once I got home Kevin was already there and we were out the door as soon as I grabbed stuff.
    As for why I didn’t call from his phone once we were in the car– well, that was just forgetting.
    Still a schnook,

  3. Gris says:

    ::defensively:: It wasn’t four pages of notes. It was half a notepad page. And I only looked around while I thought you were still looking at stuff.
    I was very very good, and still I am abused. ::sniffle::

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