Can I get a Clue with that Side of Fries?

Meanwhile, back in Seattle…
Our “heroes” (note the use of dubious quotation marks) are trying to combat Humanis Policlub. In the shadowrun universe, some people have become elves and dwarves and orcs and trolls through a process called “Unexplained Genetic Expression” which happened slightly after the magic Awakening in the world. Which is all a bunch of game mechanics to allow a cyber-magic environment in which to play. Humanis Policlub is, of course, the inevitable backlash against Genetic Expression. “If you ain’t human, you suck,” sort of motiff.

Human being being what they are, I don’t think even the onset of trolldom in the world will totally erase people’s dislike of blacks, whites, women, gays, otherly religious or anything else that isn’t exactly like they are, but hey… Be that as it may, Humanis Policlub (with corporate sponsorship) is trying to eradicate the orc/troll population of Seattle.
They’ve been attempting to assassinate leaders of the Orc Rights Committee (O.R.C. – cute, huh?) and just recently managed to dump a biological weapon (Vitas virus) all over the crowd at a funeral held for one of the assassinated leaders. Vitas is an older virus, so most of the people who are “legal” (i.e. have SINs and jobs with corps, and are primarily human) are vaccinated from it. The street people (the SINless) and orcs and trogs living in the underground… well, they aren’t.
So (inspired by my run in with Jess and the chicken pox) Vitas is very virulent – however, if vaccinated within 72 hours of exposure, people won’t come down with it. So – back to our “heroes” – several charitable hospitals in the area have donated Vitas vaccinations to the orc underground and our heroes have to go pick up the deliveries. Humans not usually being allowed into the orc underground and all. In fact, most of the entrances to the underground are well hidden and the ones that aren’t are well-guarded. With the recent racial violence that’s been going on (“seperate but equal” schooling issues and hiring problems leading to marches and violence during the marches. An orc, Luthur Drogmar, is running against the incumbent human govenor in the upcoming election. Luthur is also fueling the fire by being engaged to popular – pretty and human – singer Virtue Lee. Also, Humanis sent some people in and blew up most of a very popular orc-resturant, Gracie’s.) it was decided that the risk to human delivery people would be too great.
So, I’ve blown big holes in Marionette’s van again. This time with a rocket launcher. Of course Humanis is going to find out about some of the deliveries, and try and prevent the pickups. That’s really only common sense. My heroes have discovered a few things – that some of Humanis often rides motercycles (pale yellow, blood red, or black) – and that they have been followed from time to time, usually resulting in some random violence.
So they see one of these motercycles parked near one of the hospitals and decide to take some action. Fetch and Shadow go inside to make the pick-up, while Marionette and Invader (more commonly in our campaign referred to as “Big Blue”) stay outside to watch their loaner vehicle (lovingly coated on the inside with the remains of one of the other teams who was out obtaining vaccine – “Turn to Goo” being a very unpleasant sort of spell to use on someone). Invader spots the motorcycle (pale yellow) and the girl smoking a cigarette nearby. Long, messed up hair, revealing clothing. He decides to go question her, thinking she might be one of the Humanis.
As he approaches, she blows a smoke ring, gives him a slow, sensual smile. “Looking for a good time, big boy?” Invader turns purple (I assume that if a white person turns red when blushing that a blue person would turn purple) and stammers a bit. The player and I do a little bit of role-playing while I make deliberate innuendoes and he makes accidental ones. The other players are practically on the floor laughing.
“Well, can I make a Street Etiquette check?” says Invader’s player. “I don’t have a ‘Talk to Whores’ skill.”
“We’d noticed.”

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3 Responses to Can I get a Clue with that Side of Fries?

  1. Gris says:

    ::loans “Big Blue” her KTLand passport::
    And… why blue?

  2. Because Invader is, well, big, and quite blue.

  3. Greg says:

    And so there was much in-character gnashing of teeth and much out-of-character rejoicing at how mother-slottin’ funny it was to see our compatriots not gettin’ any. Information, that is.
    Incidentally, for those of you not familiar with Shadowrun SIN stands for Social Identification Number. What you get instead of a social security number in a world where there is no security.

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