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Jessica has always been a good eater…
She took to solids (smushies) pretty much right away and there are only a few foods she really doesn’t like. For instance, she doesn’t like any of the “meat with meat gravy” foods that smell and look like canned cat food and honestly, I don’t blame her. (The only reason these foods exist is to make sure your child doesn’t have an allergic reaction to the meat before going on to more tasty options like Turkey Rice Dinner.) One she learned there were options, she decided she didn’t like prunes very much either. She’s not a huge fan of the usual baby favorites, either – she’ll eat applesauce or pears or peaches, but it seems that she’s just humoring me.

Her most favorite is sweet potato, followed closely by peas. She likes squash, carrots, green beans, granola, maccaroni and cheese, spaghetti and meat sauce.
Recently we started offering her finger foods – animal cookies, crackers, small bits of stuff from whatever we were eating.
This may have been a mistake.
Jess has now realized that She Can Feed Herself and it’s made her a lot more impatient with the whole spoon fed jarred baby food. She’s spent a lot of time recently trying to grab the spoon, or failing that, the bowl or jar of stuff. (Last weekend we tried her on fish sticks, which she liked a lot. In fact, she ate about eight of them.)
Yesterday, frustrated by her grabazoid behavior, Kevin said “Heck with it” and handed her a small spoon and stuck the bowl of maccaroni and cheese to her high chair tray. (Re: Bowl. Great concept, bad execution. They come with these suction cup bottoms that are supposed to make the bowl stay stationary. Too bad it takes Jess about .005 seconds to flip the bowl over.)
Jess played with the spoon for a while, jabbing both ends into the food before bringing it to her mouth. She tried grabbing the food with her left hand, putting it on the spoon with her right hand and then trying to eat the food before it fell off. It didn’t take her very long to realize that the spoon was Evil and Terrible, at which point she threw it on the floor and began stuffing macaronni and cheese bits into her mouth with both hands.
At this point, I am officially giving up on baby food. She wants table food, that’s great! It’s cheaper – I can get more food for less money. Now I’ll use the money I save to buy something to put down on the floor to make clean-up easier.

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