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Mark it with a B

Jess has been relatively good about sleeping recently. (Pardon me while I burn sacrifices and knock on wood and chop off rabbits feet just in case God is watching and it going to mock me just for saying that. Ok, … Continue reading

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But… but… I Don’t Live There Anymore…

You know, Amazon’s website is not very user friendly.

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Girls and Boys

First Note: never, ever buy Food Lion brand vinegar, as they water it down for “more even pickling”. YUCK. It took me forever to get the potato salad tart enough and I was having to balance that with it being … Continue reading

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Sounds Like P.

About eleven years ago, my good friend Liz broke up with her long-time boyfriend (of four years or so) P. P, who had always been self-assured and over confident (falsely so) in both his good looks and amiably qualities (wonder … Continue reading

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“Cart”ing Around the Baby

Just up the street from where we live there is this Shopping Center. I don’t even know the name of it, but it’s huge. Really huge. A tangled web of parking lots and access roads and strip malls and shopping … Continue reading

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Not Funny

Just a sampling of what is in my email box for a day.

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Wha Happen?

Sometimes things just cumulate in a series of coincidences that make living a bad idea.

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A Pox on You!

Last night, in the middle of one of the most difficult LDoN (Lost Dungeons of Norath) that Kevin and I have ever done, the phone rang. It was after ten o’clock and the area code was 304 (New Jersey). Wrong … Continue reading

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The Book Thing

Which I stole shamelessly from JD’s site… And he stole from other people’s…

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Actually, I didn’t Know That

So… Jessica’s started sleeping through the night. Sometimes. Unfortunately, I am still not sleeping through.

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