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Five Minute Mile (or the Whole Scoop)

Today was free ice cream day at Ben & Jerry’s. I hope you had some.

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One Night In Bangor…?

As I mentioned, Kevin’s got some training class he’s going to up in the Boston area…

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Cruel and Unusual

So….. Like I said, we had a flat tire. And no spare.

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This is Jack’s Shrieking Insomnia

Note the time stamp on this entry…

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Meanwhile, in Seattle…

When we got down to Chesapeake, one of the things Kevin promised me was a gaming group… Apparently several of his work-friends wanted to game and Scott (to the shock and surprise of no one) is a suck-ass GM, so … Continue reading

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Never Never Never

So… Kevin and I went to see Return of the King last night. Again.

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Roll Them “R’s”

So… After several days of being completely bleck weather, it’s cleared up and warm enough to go for another walk. I decided to go all the way ’round this time, and I think it’s something like a mile and a … Continue reading

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An Inventory

Well, Happy 6 months to Jess today. Six whole months, and I haven’t damaged the baby yet. (well, that we can tell… all that television watching won’t have a noticable effect for several years) Pretty good for someone who thought … Continue reading

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Taster’s Choice

I’m just full of blogginess recently, no? (Probably because I feel so damned isolated from everything. I’m at least 50 miles away from any human being who cares about me and who is not related to me – and they … Continue reading

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You Heard it Here

Overheard at the Hicks’ household…

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