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Baby’s First Christmas

I was going to title this entry the Twelve Days of Christmas, but it wasn’t twelve, it was only four. Still, I’m as tired as if it were twelve…

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Return of the… Fluid

Jeez… and yesterday was supposed to be a good day….

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Visual Crack

The package says “9 months and up” but I figured what could it hurt… the worst that’ll happen is she’s not even vaguely interested…

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Meanwhile, back at the Hall…

So…. several weeks ago, after weeks of brain-numbing non-conversation on the Hall, the HMs got together and decided to go on hiatus for a while…

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More Lactation Woes

You know, I bet most of you out there who read both Liz and my blog are very sick of reading about nursing woes and commentary… It’s difficult – nay, even impossible – not to think about it constantly, though. … Continue reading

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