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Ten down, Twenty to go!

I had my 6-week post-partum exam today…

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Holiday Pictures on Baby Time

There’s one thing I’ve learned very well as a parent. Babies run on their own time.

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One tree frog is adorable. A few tree frogs are kinda cute. A few dozen tree frogs are an annoyance.

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They Lie (TMI Warning)

“One seldom-cited benefit of breastfeeding is that it delays your period. If you’re breastfeeding exclusively, day and night, it can take up to a year before you have to run to the store for tampons, suffer from PMS, or cope … Continue reading

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Photo Album

Click Here Ok, I think I got it working… Let me know if you find broken links and stuff

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Halloweenie Baby

Couldn’t find this snapshot earlier, so here it is now…

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Pictures Pictures

People keep asking me for pictures of the baby and I am bad. I have not yet started seriously working on the photo-album thing… but I will, eventually… In the meanwhile, here’s some more pictures for you.

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Music Critic

I have this tiny little problem with having a baby… I don’t remember very many children’s songs. I remember all the words to the Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Bear Went Over the Mountain but that’s it. Kevin came into … Continue reading

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Some Pictures

Here are some pictures… these’ll have to hold you rabid baby fans until I can figure out this photo-album thingie that Jeremy and Liz are trying to help me with…

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47 pounds lighter

Well… I’m glad I never got into the habit of posting regularly, because honestly, I just don’t always have time to post these days…

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