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Rumors, Choices, Classes

Well, looking through my archives, I guess I didn’t talk about my hospital tour at Riverside. Heh… It really wasn’t that exciting, to tell the truth. The tour group was huge, almost 40 couples in various stages of pregnant, and … Continue reading

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Before I Forget Again

I keep meaning to do this and I keep forgetting, so before I forget again… Pictures….

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Can I Throw this ou… NO

Remember that cleaning project I started a while ago? Yeah, the one I did exactly one day’s worth of work on before getting too distracted… Anyway, we’re back at it, as a team effort this time.

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Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota

I like Weird Al a lot, and one of the songs I’ve always found interesting is “Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota”. Last year, curious, I looked it up. There really is a twine ball in Minnesota. Actually, there are … Continue reading

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Yes, Mr. Tipsword?

Every year, my dad and stepmom do this 4th of July weekend pig-picking barbeque sort of shindig. Well, since they got married, at any rate (which was also on the 5th of July six years ago). Kevin and I don’t … Continue reading

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Stings and Steaks

Kevin and I’ve been using Farm Fresh’s internet service for a while now to do our grocery shopping. It’s pretty nice…

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