Still Looks like a Blob to Me

Well, my ultrasound was this morning…
I hate getting up early. But I was up at six to do my insulin and eat in order to be able to go to the doctor at 8:00am. (Insulin, wait 1/2 an hour, eat, wait one hour, test blood sugar… yes, it takes time)
We got there at 8:15. Seems oddly obnoxious that whenever I’m having an asthma attack and we’re headed for the ER that we catch every light between here and Riverside but this morning with plenty of time, we didn’t hit a single one…

Anyway, we filled out two sheets of paperwork (you’d think they’d have my address and insurance number from three weeks ago when I was in the hospital for asthma… I guess it’s not just colleges that need to centralize their records database) and sat down to wait.
We were the first appointment of the day.
It didn’t make any difference. We were still seen something like 15 minutes late and (despite having set the appointment up for us some two months in advance) Dr. Thom’s office had not sent over any of the paperwork for me yet, which meant I had to go over the same information with this doctor as I’ve already gone over at least five times now.
So, finally around 9am, we got around to getting goop squirted on my stomach (ICK! Ok, so warm goop is better than cold goop, but it’s still… ug.) and taking a look around.
I guess these fetal specialists must go to school for a long, long time to learn to tell this part of a blob from that part of a blob. For the most part, it doesn’t look like anything to me. I mean, I can tell that this little blob is alive but not much more than that.
And meanwhile the doctor is clicking this and pointing at that “and here’s the hipbone, and oh, look, there’s the little face… and here’s the backbone, looks good… and heartbeat is normal…. and…” and all I’m doing is staring at this black and white squishy thing that doesn’t even remotely resemble anything other than a somewhat oblongular blob.
On the other hand, as she does this every day, all day long, I guess she knows what she’s talking about…
I couldn’t see it, but she said that she didn’t see anything between the baby’s legs, but I couldn’t even see the legs. However, she also said that the baby was pressing its legs together so it’s still possible that there might have been something there and she missed it.
I have another appointment in two weeks to do a fetal echo and we’ll get another look then, but she’s about 75% certain that we’re having a girl….

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