Nesting Instinct

I must admit, looking at my life now, there are so many things I never expected to happen, I don’t even know where to begin…
But nesting was really NOT on the list.

Nesting, as decribed by many pregnancy books, is the mother instinctively wanting to create a better “home” for her child. I’ve read stories about women pushing around fertilizer carts in their backyard at 4 in the morning because their baby was going to have grass in the yard, dangit.
Or other women cleaning places in the house that never get cleaned (the oven hood, for instance…)
I didn’t really expect it to hit me quite so early.
Kevin spent yesterday looking a little wild eyed as I took him from room to room in our house and explained what I wanted to do with that room in order to make space for the baby.
After that, I spent a few hours picking at things. I put all the videos we’re giving to Jeff in a box and took out some trash and organized my jewelery boxes and the top of my dresser. Nothing big, yet. But little things have started to bother me that never did before. (I’ve noticed this tendancy in Liz – and to some degree, Matt – when they come over to our house as well. Liz simply cannot sit on the living room couch if there’s any trash on the coffee table. As this flat surface tends to be Kevin’s eating-while-watching-TV area, and he almost never throws his wrappers and stuff away, it means Liz always cleans off the table before we start editing. It’s sort of amusing…)
Today I want to reorganize the closet in the baby’s room. Mostly what’s in there now is a lot of empty boxes. The box for our surround sound system. The DVD box. VCR boxes. My kitchen-aid box. I like to save these boxes since it makes everything so much easier to pack when we’re packing… you don’t have to worry about the CD player getting banged around (as much) since it’s in the box it originally came in, with the foam inserts snuggled around it. However, this does mean those boxes take up a LOT of space. We solved that problem by stashing them in the closet in the spare room, which we haven’t used for anything since we got here.
There is some other stuff in there. Some of Kevin’s old toys. Some of my old toys. (heavy sigh. I’m going to have to throw more stuff away… I absolutely refuse to follow my mother’s example and get a storage unit, but we don’t have an attic to store stuff in). Christmas decorations. A box of Star Wars collector plates. (we haven’t put them up in three years, but I don’t know if we’re ready to part with them or not… it might help if we had some nice shelves to put them on, but have you seen how much those shelves COST? like $90 for a three-plate holder… gah!)
And I don’t expect the baby to actually need very much closest space. At least not for a couple of years. And Kevin wants to move next year. He’s tired of the 45 minute commute to work (and I don’t blame him…) and there’s a chance that if he gets an Admin position, he’ll be “on call” which is a pain to have to get up at 3am and drive 45 minutes to make a 15 minute fix and then drive 45 minutes back, sleep until 6am, and then drive back for regular work day.
We’re getting some used baby-things from some of Kevin’s co-workers, and that’ll be good. Baby stuff, much like wedding stuff, is hugely overly expensive. But there’s still a lot of stuff we’re going to need/want. Bleh… expenses, expenses…

I had another doctor appointment yesterday (and I have another one next week… bleh bleh bleh).
I’m considered a “high risk” pregnancy because of gestational diabetes and asthma and being rH negative… so I’m getting seen more often than is considered normal. On the plus side, we got our first “bill” yesterday and the o.b. practice is a flat fee. $2,600. Which means it’s $2,600 if we go in once a month, or $2,600 if we go in four times a month. Some tests aren’t covered by this flat fee, but they’ll let us know about those as we go along. Our insurance covers 90% of this, so we only need to pay $260 (or five easy payments of $52 each) which is not too bad. I understand labor and delivery will be more. I don’t know how much more, but my insurance covers 90% of that, too.
So, I have another new o.b., since the “high risk” pregnancy doctor is someone that I hadn’t seen before. He’s a guy, and while I wasn’t too happy about that, he did have the nurse do the ultra-sound (and he left the room) which made me feel a little better.
My blood sugars are a little high. But not dangerously so, and not insulin dependantly so (which is good. I don’t mind needles anymore, but I really don’t feel like having to take several shots in my stomach on a daily basis if I can get away with not doing that).
I got another ultrasound (and the little condom thing that they put on it – since this was an ultrasound done “the other way” – snapped about halfway through and gave me a nice smack. ow!) and everything still looks good.
About halfway through my appointment, the nurse came in to tell the doctor that one of his other patients was in labor and he sort of hurried along with mine and sprinted out. This is good. I’d rather that he go deliver a baby then talk to me.
So, that’s what I’ve been up to recently…

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  1. Gris says:

    I’ve been cleaning up the garden, prepping for spring blooming. I have some twigs I could send you. 😀
    Get any more Olive pictures? ::bounce::

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