It’s a funny sort of thing, time.
Sometimes it feels like you blinked twice and the year is over…
Unfortunately, this is not one of those times…

I haven’t written an entry in a while… mostly because I’ve been short on time. I keep wondering how that happens. I don’t even work, and I never seem to have enough time to do anything.
Now, admittedly, I know that part of it is because I’ve had about half a dozen doctor appointments in the last few weeks. No, I’m not really exaggerating all that much…
Monday the 10th, I had the doctor appointment that wasn’t. Nothing happened, except that I wasted about an hour of my day sitting in someone’s waiting room and the rest of my day being excessively steamed about it.
Tuesday the 11th I had my first o.b. appointment. I also went and saw my GP to get a breathing treatment, and attempted to get a Rhogam shot. This second thing didn’t happen because Riverside (for whatever stupid reason) doesn’t give those shots anymore.
Wednesday the 12th I went to get my Rhogam shot at Mary Immaculate. This took a lot longer than it really seemed like it should have. First I had to wait about an hour to get my blood taken for the cross-and-type. Then I was told it would be about an hour and a half until the test was confirmed, so Kevin and I went out and grabbed some lunch. We got back to the doctor’s about 15 minutes before our hour and a half was up, but we still ended up waiting to actually get the shot for almost another hour and a half. And then I got the shot and had to wait around for another half hour to make sure I didn’t have any “adverse affects” from getting it. All in all, we were doing “doctor” things for almost 5 hours.
Tuesday the 18th we had another doctor appointment. This one was to do my GTT (Glucous Tolerance Test) and the rest of the prenatal bloodwork. The GTT wasn’t great, so I got moved into the “high risk” pregnancy catagory and stuffed back onto the diabetic diet. I’m also supposed to do my own blood testing 4 times a day. (As a note, I generally don’t. I forget sometimes, or I fall asleep or I’m out… usually I manage to remember 2 or 3 times. I’m sure the doctor will have some not nice things to say to me about that, and personally, I expect to tell him to hush.) Oh, and I’m not supposed to gain any weight during my pregnancy. Not any. At all. Ever. Which is essentially saying I’m supposed to lose 30lbs in the next 6 months. Can I say how exceptionally not thrilled I am about this idea?
Tommorow I have another o.b. appointment. This one is with the “high risk” doctor. Who’s a man. This makes me exceptionally unhappy. I’ve had very few male doctors in my life who have treated me like they expected me to have an IQ of greater than room temperature, and some of whom have been hostile about my exhibiting anything remotely resembling intelligence. Add this to the fact that I don’t particularly like strange men touching me, and I also haven’t got the slightest idea why any man in his right mind would want to be an ob/gyn (and the few reasons that do occur to me do absolutely nothing for my piece of mind) and you see why I’m getting a little less than thrilled about it. I know, I know… a bunch of people will tell me that I’m being overly sensitive about the whole thing and that there’s nothing wrong with a male OBG. Fine, you can do whatever you want with your vagina. I prefer to have a woman messing around down there if somebody has to.
And then I have another appointment on April 8th (obg) and another one on the 18th (pulminary… have to remember to try and move that one, since otherwise Kevin’s got to take off from work to take me to the doctor, and we’d just as soon avoid doing that as much as possible).
Personally, I’m quite sick and tired of seeing doctors.

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  1. erin says:

    wow. that sucks too. im sry. i believe in you! 🙂

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