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I like my Apartment

I do… that’s the thing. We have a 17×25 foot living room and a full sized kitchen with a pantry, chef’s island, and all the conveniences. (I spent one year in an apartment without a garbage disposal and thank you, … Continue reading

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Dieting and the Pocket Parent

So….. I’ve got gestational diabetes… that means my blood sugar (which is borderline to begin with and the primary reason I switched to diet soda) goes through the roof when I get pregnant. Oh, joy…

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Panic Room : Final Destination

Well… Netflicks has been steadily sending us movies and I’ve been steadily watching them. Except The Others. I skipped that one. Quick Sum up… Panic Room: Lukewarm suspense, lackluster performances, and just all around disappointing. Final Destination: For a “please … Continue reading

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17 fishing poles later….

Every once in a while, the people at Sony should have their head examined. Or I should. Or something…. Xanthe’s Earring of Nature: AC 5, STR 8, STA 8, WIS 10, HP 55, mana 55, sv fire 7, sv cold … Continue reading

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Life Altering News

You know, I really haven’t an earthly idea what to say here… My period’s sort of weird (I know, that’s TMI for everyone, but bear with me, ok?). Irregular doesn’t even begin to cover it. And I’ll get it for … Continue reading

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What not to Do on a Faydedar: A List

Faydedar is a dragon. A small one, but a dragon none-the-less, and is probably the toughest mob in the druid epic quest. Lucky for druids, he’s a forced spawn. Which is to say, I give something to someone and he … Continue reading

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So, Nyah!

Harry Potter gets Thumbs Up from Vatican

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Well… after Matt’s rather stellar recommendation of netflix, combined with rising cable costs, we’ve decided to go with netflix for a while and see if that goes any better…. Since we’re alternating movies… (Kevin gets to watch one, I get … Continue reading

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The Session

In recent weeks, working on our editing, Liz and I have discovered not only our own writing foibles, but have become a lot more aware of other people’s mistakes. And, if we’re not careful, we start sounding like someone’s ancient … Continue reading

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