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Brave Lupe and Gentle Kacheek

My neopets guild is having a “worst poetry” contest… The three worst poems will be awarded larger prizes – Absolute Worst Poem, Really Awful Poem, and Merely Horrible Poem… I thought you might like to see my submission….

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A Day in the Life…

I was planning to go to bed, you know. I just finished reading Phoenix (which, if you’ll pardon one of my innumberable asides here, is a truly excellent book in a wonderful series and if you haven’t read them yet, … Continue reading

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The Stealing of Things Which Do Not Exist

I wasn’t at my computer most of the late afternoon and evening… having Liz and Matt over to play the AD&D game that we didn’t play on Tuesday because I was not feeling so well…

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Death to the Dash!

Liz and I had our second editting session tonight, and this one went… well, it didn’t go “faster” since we spent almost the same amount of time working on it, but as we got many more pages done, I think … Continue reading

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Big Sister

“Welcome to the real world” She said to me Condescendingly Take a seat Take your life Plot it out in black and white Well I never lived the dreams of the prom kings And the drama queens I’d like to … Continue reading

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JC Pain In the Ass and Mysterious Black Eyes

I have a black eye. No, I don’t know what happened. When I first saw it today, I thought it was a smudge of dirt or ink or something. But it doesn’t rub off and it hurts when I touch … Continue reading

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Let’s Go Krogering

The search for a semi-decent grocery store continues…. As you may remember, my big ticket item is soda. I want someplace that stocks the soda I prefer to drink and I don’t want to go more than one place to … Continue reading

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Stupid, stupid stupid stupid!

All right, non-EQ people can skip this. I’ve gotten my main toon’s baking up to 202 – which is not as easy as it sounds. And I decide I should work on leveling for a bit. I really want to … Continue reading

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That Familiar Sinking Feeling

Things have been both as hectic as they can be and as boring as they can be and as frustrating as they can be. “Oh doctor, doctor Can’t you please prescribe me something A day in the life of someone … Continue reading

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Enough to get through the Winter

So…. I cleaned out the pantry today. I’m sure Liz has mentioned on several occassions that I am a little… weird about food. I guess it’s a result of being broke for so long. I just don’t feel comfortable if … Continue reading

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