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Talking ’bout a Resolution

I always waffle about New Year’s Resolutions…. Have them, break them, feel guilty… or Don’t make them, don’t break them, and feel lame about not having the fortitude to even try and change things. What a choice.

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Let me Transfer You

If I could shoot every annoying insurance person on the planet, I’d run out of bullets before I got more than 1/100th of the way through the line.

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Wee Fish Gnu a Mare Egrets Moose

Well…. Christmas was … interesting. Between giant fish mailboxes, scary apartments, the Return of the King (Vitamen) and my first ever White Christmas, it was actually pretty much A-OK. And yes, Kevin finally got a clue.

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Weekly Writing thingie

Which I forgot to do last night! So far, a semi productive week:

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Blog devouring and Lynchburg Fans

Ooooooh! Look at this! I’ve offended someone! Cool! Now, if only the rest of my month were going so well…

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Tack On

After more discussion with Liz and a bit of writing on her part, I did some more work last night

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Writing Schtuff

It’s been both a good week and a bad week It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Anyway….

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Hit by a Tree

No, really… it did!
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Read Through

This week, I read our novel, from one end to the other.

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The Joys of Being a Level 52 Druid

Ok, so I’m sitting at the Ice Giant last night. It’s an easy camp and good money – altho what I want with money these days, I have no idea. I have well over 10,000pp and nothing that I really … Continue reading

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