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Typical Lynchburg Complaints

Kevin and I lived in Lynchburg for a while before and after we got married. About 2 and a half years or so, I think. I’m not entirely certain.

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Weekly Writing Report

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

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Just Kill Me Now

I said I was working on my epic, right?

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I’m working on getting Zephyrine’s epic.

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I have a new desk now.

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Weekly Writing Thing

Man, the weeks fly by, don’t they?

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Good news

Well, after quite a bit of testing and retesting:

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You know… there was something I wanted to tell you about. I was talking to Liz and Kevin in the car and I told them about it… and I said “Gee, I need to remember to write about that in … Continue reading

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Sharing the Weirdness

Erotic Oragami Sure. Ok. Make with the clicky.

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Weekly Writing Thingie

Very productive week this week.

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