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Defining KT

Here, resurrected for your reading enjoyment, is an old post from my old journal. Updated to take into consideration the three years that have passed since the original was posted.

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Meatballs in Lemon Sauce

Another recipe, one of my favorites. I discovered it about two years ago when I was going through a cooking phase of doing a dinner once a month or so for our friends where I would try different ethnic dishes. … Continue reading

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I hate pop-up ads. Who doesn’t? We’ve all seen the 10x ads enough times that if we wanted a friggin’ spy-cam, we’d have bought the bloody thing already. One of the EQ sites I frequent has a plethora of pop-up … Continue reading

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Mind the Camp, Girls

So, we were out EQing yesterday. (and here’s your cue, everyone who hates EQ… go read something else.)

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Weekly Writing Thing

More weekly word counts

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As Norrath Turns

So, there we are, in the Overthere (only Ogres would call someplace The Overthere) power-pulling. We’ve got two orcs (a warrior type and a shadow-knight), me, Balthenie, a shaman, and the most loot happy wizard it’s ever been my displeasure … Continue reading

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Citrus Basil

A few weeks ago, Liz and I were doing girlie stuff, which almost always includes a brief stop in Bath & Body works – the ultimate in girlie stores. As always, they were having a special…

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Weekly Writing Report

More progress is made!

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Playing the Odds

When a man you’ve never met, suddenly gives you flowers…

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Shut up and Drool

Well, first off…. We all know I have a major crush on Vin Diesel, and if you didn’t, you obviously have not been paying attention. Oh… my my my my my… He’s right up there on my cute-o-meter with the … Continue reading

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