New Year 2008

My, it’s getting dusty around here. Time to do something about that, I think! I had a lovely New Year’s, I hope you all can say the same. As per usual, my family went up to our place in the Adirondacks after Christmas, and stayed ’til just before Twelfth Night. Sledding was accomplished, snowpeople (and creatures) were built, and cross country ski equipment was abused. (No, really– one broken shoe, and a cracked binding. And they don’t *make* three-pin stuff anymore– we’re lucky the local ski shop stocks “antiques!”) It got really, really cold– no, REALLY— the thermometer tucked into its tail and bottomed out at 9 below. The snow squeaked, the lake groaned… it was lovely.
Oh, did I not yet mention the snow? We had not one, but *two* good snows– one at dawn on New Year’s Eve, and another on New Year’s Day. We ended up with a respectable 18 inches of lovely, fluffy white stuff. Well, you’ll see, since I had my camera, and I can’t resist the beautiful, clean canvas of a fresh snowfall! I wound up with over 300 pictures, of which I’ll share my favorite 50 with you. (Believe me, it was tough enough culling them *that* far.) Click onward, and enjoy!
Let it snow…

A couple of these were taken New Year’s Eve, and a few in the days after New Year’s… most, however, were taken on New Year’s Day, while the snow was still coming down. (I had to go back in the house and put boots on after I realized I was getting snowflakes on my bedroom slippers, and I had to keep wiping my lens clear of melted snow.) Credits to my Dad, who borrowed my camera when the urge to shoot something became too much for him, for #48, “Afternoon Sky,” and #50, “Lake Sunrise.” ^_~
01-SnowInGlass 02- Blue Bottles 03- Front Porch 04- Icicles 05- Stone Chimney
06- Snowy Sedum 07- Huddled 08- Snow Angel 09- Mr. Tumnus 10- Moose Sighting
11- Barn Side 12- Barn Door 13- Barn Front 14- Barn Wreath 15- Icy Eaves

16- Barn Steps 17- In the Lee 18- Snowball Tracks 19- Deep Woods 20- Snowy V
21- Lace of Branches 22- Dancing Tree 23- Cedar 24- Snowy Branches 25- Winter Contours
26- Swimming 27- Winter Gate 28- Crab Apple 29- Rudbeckia 30- Bush Cherry
31- Switch Grass 32- X-country 33- Rowboat 34- Tracks 35- Boat Dock
36- Lake Snowstorm 37- Maple Buds 38- Lake Maple 39- Winterberry 40- Goldenrod
41- Snowman's View 42- Log Pile 43- Apple Saplings 44- House 45- Porch Lights
46- Little Red Plow 47- River Rd. 48- Afternoon Sky 49- Olmstedville Barn 50- Lake Sunrise

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2 Responses to New Year 2008

  1. JOyce Ostertag says:

    Hey Kar!
    These pix were awesome – thanks for sharing them – I’m sending them on to my friends with the intent of making them all extremely jealous.

  2. Barbara Jenkins says:

    What BEAUTIFUL pictures …. thanks for sharing them with me. I was trying to pick out a favorite but it was impossible to do. Particularly loved the wreath on the barn picture, I have a thing for barn pictures and the picture through the stained glass.

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