Librarians Rock

Tidbits lifted straight from LJ’s January “frontdesk” page which were too funny not to share:
The ALA has a MySpace page! (Gender: Female. Age: 101. Who said MySpace was only for teens? Though, strictly speaking, we lied about our age– the ALA was founded in 1876.) I liked the motto best: “Everybody’s working for the wiki.” (The song you’ve now got stuck in your head is by Loverboy. You’re welome.)
Archie McPhee continues to do its part in boldly shattering the prim librarian stereotype… check out the tatts, girl! (Yes, I did put them on my wishlist. Don’t get me the Deluxe Librarian Action Figure, though, I got it for Christmas. ^_^)
And finally, a bit of statistical navel-gazing: According to the 2007 Digital Future Report from USC – Annenberg School, 7.4% of Internet users in the U.S. have a blog– more than double the 3.2% of 2003. Yay, I’m a statistic!

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2 Responses to Librarians Rock

  1. Dora Rowe says:

    Hi, Karen! It’s scary what you find when you Google old friends! 😉 Just thought I’d drop a note to you and let you know that you’re still remembered down my way.

  2. Tracy says:

    Hi Karen – ok you don’t know me from Adam. I just accidentally came across a old picture (July 2003) of yours of the most gorgeous apricot plum torte you made for – I guess – your grandmother.
    It was so beautiful, I couldn’t resist asking – might you post the recipe for a fellow cook? I’d happily send you one in return, if you’d like.

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